Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brewers Could Make Push for Peavy

Jeff Suppan is terrible. I cringe every time he throws a pitch. The Brewers are starting to doubt his ability. I am not sure why they are starting to disbelieve in Suppan now- the guy was awful last year, but no Ken Macha wants a guy that gives up a ton of home runs and cannot find the strike zone to be the ace. What a joke. Anyways MLBTraderumors.com, ESPN and the Chicago Tribune have the Brewers considering a Jake Peavy trade or possibly picking up Pedro Martinez. Heck, why not trade for Peavy and pick up Martinez. Martinez would only cost $5 million. Pull the trigger right now- the Brewers after all paid Eric Gagne $10 million to blow a bunch of games for them last season. More on Peavy from the Chicago Tribune.


  1. Jeff Suppan is awful now, glad his good days were with the Redbirds. Anywho, I am curious how you think the division will turn out this year?

  2. 1. Cubs
    2. Brewers- despite their early struggles it won't last long once Braun and Fielder start hitting the ball and think they will make a run for the Wild Card (plus I think it is anyone's division because I don't think the Cubs are as good as people think they are)
    3. Cardinals- I think they will do well for most of the year but again fade down the stretch
    4. Astros
    5. Pirates
    6. Reds

  3. I also think that if the Crew pull off somebody like Peavy than they would be very dangerous