Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who should be on the Crew's 25-man roster?

Here's my 25-man roster for the Brewers this season if I were manager Ken Macha: (without injuries)

1. Yovani Gallardo
2. Braden Looper
3. Manny Parra
4. Dave Bush
5. Jeff Suppan

Long Relievers:
-Carlos Villanueva (6)
-Chris Capuano (once he comes back from injury) (6)- he doesn't count right now until he is completely healthy.

Middle Relief:
-David Riske (7)
-Mitch Stetter (8)
-Todd Coffey (9)- I would send Coffey down to the minors when Cappy sees some time with Nashville and is proven to be ready for the Crew.
-Jorge Julio (10)

Setup role:
-Seth McClung (throws the heat and could flourish in this role) (11)
If someone in rotation is hurt, I would put Jorge Julio as the setup man. If that happens I would start looking to trade someone and get a better setup reliever though.

-I am not a fan of having a set- setup man. I could see the Brewers naming their setup man but with the team they have, substituting different pitchers for different situations.

-Trevor Hoffman (12)

1. Rickie Weeks 2B (13)
2. J.J. Hardy SS (14)
3. Ryan Braun LF (15)
4. Prince Fielder 1B (16)
5. Corey Hart LF (17)
6. Mike Cameron CF (18)
7. Billy Hall 3B (19)
8. Jason Kendall C (20)
9. Pitcher


-Craig Counsell- Infield-(21) will see the most time off the bench because he is such a role player.

-Tony Gwynn Jr.*- Outfield- (22) Brewers need to keep him, I don't care if he has a slight injury right now or not. Otherwise he is out of options and we have to trade him or put him through the wire. He will be our starting center fielder next year.

-I would love to see Mat Gamel*- 3B, but his defense still needs a lot of improvement. One more year starting in the minors and he will be a tremendous player. So no Gamel yet.

-Mike Lamb- 3B (23)

-Alcides Escobar*- SS- like Gamel, I would love to see Escobar on the bench but he needs to play every day. I believe he will be starting in 2010. 2010 will be an exciting year because the infield will more than likely have a different look to it. Gamel will be at third, Escobar at shortstop, Hardy will move to 2B, and Prince will remain at 1B. Weeks will head to the OF, taking over for Cameron, since Gwynn Jr. will likely be headed somewhere else.

-Mike Rivera- C- (24)- great backup catcher.

-Last spot is a tough one to call. It is between Brad Nelson, Chris Duffy, and Trot Nixon. They all have serious consideration from the Brewers. My decision would be to take Duffy and see how Nelson fairs with Nashville. Nelson's having a good Spring Training right now but so is Duffy. I'll take Duffy for the experience. Nixon is a solid defender but I have to have a bench that can stroke the ball and Nixon isn't even cutting it in Spring Training.

-So Duffy- OF (25)

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