Monday, February 23, 2009

Rotation set for Spring Training

I could not be more displeased with the rotation for Spring Training. It is not so much of what it is in Spring Training, it is the fact that this could probably be the rotation when the regular season begins.

Jeff Suppan
Yovani Gallardo
Manny Parra
Braden Looper
Dave Bush

Macha couldn't be more off on this rotation (I could care less if this is the Spring Training rotation, but I am worried it will be the regular season). Macha did emphasize that he does not mean they will line up like that in the regular season.

First off, Suppan is awful and will only do well as the fifth person in the rotation. Bush is much better than a No. 5, Looper should be the No. 1. I agree with having Gallardo as the No. 2 until the All-Star break. Although, he is clearly the Brew Crew's ace and should probably just be the ace right away. I would move Parra down one spot to No. 4 and put Bush as the No. 3. Having Suppan as our ace is a disaster in the making. The man can't keep the ball in the park and pitches well about one of every five games. I like him as the No. 5 but nothing more than that.

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